Saturday, February 26, 2011

Creative Budgeting By A Northern Michigan Bride

Jennifer Bruhmuller and Jason Mott of Traverse City were planning for their July 31, 2010 wedding on a very tight budget. All said, the couple was trying to find a creative way to host 100 of their closest family and friends on a mere $1000 budget.

Impossible? It may seem that way to some, but to Jennifer, it was very much a reality.

While planning, she actively began an online search for ways to cut costs. During that search, she learned of a couple in NY who sought sponsorships for their wedding. Figuring the idea wasn't too far fetched, Jennifer began creating a plan to seek sponsors for her big day in July.

Among those who ended up participating were Subtle Impact Photography of central Michigan and Forever Flowers By Val of northeastern Ohio. Each vendor who signed on with Jennifer and Jason received different promotions in exchange for discounts and donations.

The day finally came and when all was said and done, the entire wedding and reception came in under her original $1000 mark.

Today Jennifer and Jason are enjoying their first year of marriage. Now in a full-time nursing program, Jennifer is also available as a consultant to brides who seek assistance in gaining sponsors for their own wedding. Email Jennifer directly at for details on her consulting services (note "WEDDING CONSULT" in the subject).

Jennifer emphasizes that while seeking sponsorships for your upcoming wedding can provide significant cost savings, it also requires a good deal of dedication and planning.

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